Harness Your Mindset.
Harness Your Results.

Harness Your Mindset.
Harness Your Results.

Harnessing your mindset starts with understanding how and why it’s holding you back.

Clients Include:

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Clients Include:

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Meet Ariel

Learn more about Ariel's mission, vision, and values for serving her clients


To bring greater awareness, alignment, and expansion to the mindsets of ethical, high-performing business leaders


By shifting the mindsets of hundreds of business leaders for greater growth and greater good, the lives of thousands will be changed

Want to Harness Your Hindrance?

Here’s the 3-part framework for how we do this.


Awareness always comes first. We can’t create a mindset because your mind already has one. We must begin with an understanding of your mind’s view and focus.


Anticipation is understanding the benefits and consequences of where you set your mind and of what paths you may choose to pursue, mentally and literally.


Your mind changes based upon the actions you repeatedly make. We align your subconscious and conscious mind to set you on the path of positive action.

“As a certified coach myself, with over eight years of coaching experience, I can say that Ariel takes a refreshing approach and is highly skilled. Ariel can help get to the root of a problem, mindset, roadblock, whatever you are struggling with, enabling you to work on the right issue(s). I would highly recommend any professional seeking growth, take the opportunity to work with Ariel.”

“Whether you are looking to discover what you are capable of achieving, or understanding what you will need to do to reach your next goal, Ariel is a fantastic coach to help you unleash your potential. Ariel can help you gain clarity in your intentions and actions. I highly recommend you have a conversation with her to see what she can help you achieve!”

“Over the years, I’ve worked with many individual coaches to help me grow. Recently, I’d been struggling with finding the coach to get me from where I am to where I’m going next. I hired Ariel a few months ago along with 3 other coaches. It didn’t take me long to realize Ariel is the coach for me. She challenged me and helped me create an entirely new business line for my company. That was a crush! She is a crusher! She listens better than any coach I’ve know and creates a safe place for me to be real and vulnerable. Too many times, I’ve BS’d coaches and therapists to my own detriment. With her, I haven’t done that because she created the place for me to be real. Lots of crushing ahead. Thank you Ariel!”


Ariel's Client

Success Spotlight.

“Ariel has been an incredible resource for my journey, and I know she will be for you as well! I’ve worked with coaches in the past and while they offered some guidance, much of our time was spent on the business numbers. Where Ariel excelled and added the most benefit to me was to help me work on the mental blocks that were getting in the way of reaching my full potential. Prioritization skills, structuring strategies, and learning about my own limiting beliefs and why I had them were all powerful topics we worked through together. Ariel is present in every conversation and brings her full energy with you in every session. If you’re looking for the step to get to the next level, she will help you find it!”


Discover the success

Ariel's satisfied clients experience

“My work with Ariel has had a much larger impact on my life than just business. I am becoming a better man, a better husband, a better colleague, and a better advisor. My ability to empathize with clients has improved and my clients feel heard because of this. Of course, my production increased too. I hired Ariel in June 2019, and by August I had my best month ever, earning $20,000 in a month for the first time in my life. This was a goal I had for over five years, and I hit this objective after working with Ariel for two months. I won the Pacific Northwest Lives Summit (PNLS) Silver Category. I believe these results would not have taken place separate from the quick progress I made through the work I have done with Ariel.”

“Ariel really took the time to listen and hear who I am and what I am trying to accomplish as well as overcome. Her emphasis is listening, not just hearing me. She listens with intent to coach you from the inside out. You will learn a lot about yourself as she challenges and encourages you in learning to hear your own voice from the clutter in your mind. Ariel does a great job staying on task with the conversation, pulling deep on ideas and thoughts to get you to maximize your effort in the relationship. You will get out of this what you put in- but you will get a full effort from Ariel no matter what.”

“Our team has been working with Ariel for about 6 months and the growth we have seen with her guidance is exceptional. Before meeting, the message we brought to clients varied by client AND which team member was speaking with them. With Ariel's coaching we are now on the same page and are each taking ownership of our part of the team and clients have noticed. If you are looking to understand your roadblocks to improving your business and how to move past them, then an introductory meeting with Ariel will certainly be time well spent.”

“When I started with Ariel, I was overworked and extremely stressed due to a rapidly growing business with a team that wasn't ready to meet those demands. In a year and a half of working with Ariel, she has helped me to define my desired end result and take steps to get there. She's a great listener, asks meaningful questions and makes suggestions that are based on my needs and what she hears me say. She summarizes the message so that I can retain it, know what the action steps are and recognize progress. Two specific and significant results are getting the right teammate in place and helping me prioritize the systems that I need to improve to reduce my workload. Progress has not been a level straight line upward, but the trend is upward with peaks and valleys. I'm in the heart of tax season now, feeling great, which is the opposite of how I felt one year ago, and I have enough time in my schedule to take the time to write this recommendation even though it's tax season.”

— Greg Edlund
“As a financial advisor with 40+ years experience, Ariel Kopac has been a tremendous help to me. Ariel's ability to hold up a mirror and let her clients see the behaviors that may be holding them back is priceless.”


“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” ~Mark Twain

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Ariel's satisfied clients experience

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